Datça is the world's second and Turkey's first place which is the richest in oxygen. There's a saying of famous historian Strabon;
'If God wish his servant to have a long life, he puts him in Datça Peninsula.' Strabon

At such a high oxygen content place, any activity is much more healthy... what you can do are;

- Swimming (only choose one of the bent from lots of bents and swim)
- Surf & Kite-surf ( wind is always with you at Datça, popular surfing place of the latest times)
- Trekking –Walking–Climbing
- Bicycle
- Scuba-Diving ( many things to see even under the water as well as the top)
- Cruising ( get to the untouched bents from the sea)
- Sailing & Yachting ( freedom is yours with your private sail and/or yacht)
- Bridge
- Yoga